We have heard the story of Rabbit and Tortoise, but haven’t read the full story because the race not end when the tortoise wins the race. The race is so much longer.

The story is about tortoise and rabbit race. Once there was rabbit who thinks that he can run so fast. so he decided to make race with somebody. Then he found a tortoise. He asked him to make a race with him. Tortoise said ok we will make a race. The race now going to start between a rabbit and tortoise. Rabbit before starting said, Hey i will beat you in second so get ready for your defeat.

The race now started and rabbit ran with highest speed he can, in the mid he thought that tortoise can never beat him. So he made a plan to sleep for 2 minutes, because tortoise can never run faster than rabbit, so he slept. In the while the tortoise reached near to sleeping rabbit and after that reached finish line and won the race. When tortoise seen that he felt so guilty that he lost the race from the tortoise. so he decided to make another race.

Moral Never be overconfident in life, it ends up with failure only.

The another race now started. Rabbit and tortoise both are ready for race. This time rabbit know that he will only run and has to reach finish line. The race started now and, Both started running and this time rabbit haven’t stopped anywhere and reached the finish line. So this time Rabbit won the race. This make tortoise feel bad that he can’t win race from rabbit in this way so he decided to make another race.

The another race now started. Both tortoise and rabbit started running. The tortoise again left behind. And rabbit running with speed to finish. But this is now not a normal race. The tortoise has decided to make race path through a river. The rabbit continue running but stopped at river. He know he can’t go another side of river. Meaning while tortoise reached at this river and continue running, float the river way and reached at finish line. So in this race the tortoise now a WINNER. This makes rabbit thinking that he can’t win this race with this. So he decided for another race.

Moral You can do anything, but only if you believe

Now both know that they can’t win the race because both have different qualities. They know that rabbit can’t swim in river and tortoise can never run fast. So this time they decide to complete this race together. First tortoise sat on the back of rabbit and reached at river, Then rabbit sat on tortoise and crossed the river way together. And both reached at finish line together.

Moral Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results

From this story we have learnt that working in team makes us to achive something that we can’t achieve alone. Means everybody has unique talent in them.


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