Once there was a crow. He was flewing here and there in the noon. This is summer time and sun is shining. The crow was very thirsty and not able to find water anywhere. Then he started searching for water here and there, but again he was not able to find water anywhere. But he haven’t stopped for searching water because we don’t have to stop doing hardwork if we not getting results. We always gets result with time.

The crow also searching water here and there and then he found a jug of water. Crow flew to jug and found that jug is half of water and crow is not able to put his beak into the jug because it was not going upto water.

(This time always comes to everybody life. where we comes in problem and tries to solve that and after solving a bit of it, if we are not able to solve the problem then we like stops there and never works hard to solve it, same as if crow will stop then he can’t)

But crow hasn’t stopped here and got a idea to make the water come to top. He took some stones and put onto the jug. Soon the water come to top. And crow drink it and flew away.

Moral of the story Never stop at problems in your life

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