Once there was a dog. He was very hungry. He is not able to find food anywhere. So he went outside home to find food. He went here and there but haven’t found anything. Then he become sad and fall down to ground. Soon he found a shop. The shopkeeper waving his hand towards. He ran to shop and seen shopkeeper with bone in hand. He went to shopkeeper. Shopkeeper given him bone. The dog was so happy.

So he decided to go home. In the way he need to cross the river. The dog when running over the bridge seen his own image in water. He thought he was another dog. He wanted to take his bone so that he can get two bones. So he started barking. As soon as he opened his mouth the bone fell down in water. Now dog lost the bone. And he was again hungry.

From this story we have learnt that never we have to be so greedy in life.

Moral Don’t be greedy

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