Once there was a fox. It was the time of summer. And fox was very thirsty. So fox thinking about, if she can get a jug of water or juice in this hot day. The fox roaming here and there and found a tree of grapes. The fox now so happy and went to get those juicy sweet grapes. Which can make her thirst vanish.

Just the thing to quench my thirst said the fox. The fox went to tree and found grapes are at so much height. The fox jumped and missed the grapes. So she tried once more and again missed. She tried catching one more time and at last fox give up. Thinking that the grapes are sour and don’t want grapes any more.

MORALĀ Its easy to give up what you can’t achieve.

From this story we have learnt that we always comes with many problems in life but giving up is not the solution. Doing the work beyond limits can only give you results. This story gives us lesson about if you want to get more then you have to work larger than more.


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